Core competencies for the Eye Health Workforce in the WHO African region

The majority of countries in sub-Saharan Africa are facing a severe crisis of skilled health workforce shortages that could impede the realization of Universal Health Coverage, especially in specialized fields such as eye health. This policy...


Universal Health Coverage and other health SDG targets

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the focus around which health results will be designed and monitored. SDG 3 – healthy lives and well-being for all, at all ages – is the SDG around which health actions rally. Out of the 13...


Fortalecimento dos sistemas de saude

A OMS apoia os países na construção de sistemas de saúde resilientes e com capacidade de resposta centrada nas necessidades das pessoas e nas suas condições de vida.


Atlas of African Health Statistics 2012 - Health situation analysis of the African Region

The Atlas of Health Statistics, 2012, which provides a health situation analysis of WHO’s African Region, is the most significant data output of the African Health Observatory ( Now in its second edition, the Atlas is...


Health Situation Analysis in the African Region. Atlas of Health Statistics, 2011

The African Region is one of the six regions in which the World Health Organization (WHO) collaborates with countries in public health. With over 730 million inhabitants in 46 countries (see Figures A and B), it accounts for about one-seventh of...


The African Health Monitor - Issue 14

Health systems and primary health care in the African Region.
A weak national health system can be viewed as an important contributor to poverty and inequity in the African Region. Persons who are in poor health less frequently move up and...


The African Health Monitor - Issue 13

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the populations of Asia, Africa and Latin America use traditional medicine to meet their primary health care needs. For many people in these countries, particularly those living in rural areas,...


The African Health Monitor - Issue 12

The Ouagadougou declaration and the challenges of strengthening health systems in the African region. According to WHO's definition, a health system comprises all organizations, institutions and resources devoted to producing actions whose...


The African Health Monitor - Issue 11

The Challenges of Achieving the Health MDGs in the African Region. During the last decade the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa has published the African Health Monitor twice a year. The Monitor has strived to present to its...


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