Atlas da Saúde Africana

Atlas of African Health cover


1. Overview of the WHO Africa Region

2. Mortality and Morbidity Statistics

3. Maternal and Reproductive Health

4. Child Health and Nutrition

5. Adolescent health services

6. Communicable diseases

7. Non-communicable Diseases

8. Health emergencies and interventions

9. Health systems and services

10.Social determinants of health


Guide for the establishment of health observatories
Guide for the establishment of health observatoriesThe “health observatory” concept of gathering, analysing, synthesizing and sharing of reliable and quality health information on population health and health services has become increasingly popular since the 1970s. First adopted in France (1974), then Belgium, Italy and later England (Liverpool, 1990), the application of the concept has steadily extended. There are now over 60 observatories...

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Relatório sobre a Saúde na Região Africana 2014 Narrowing the knowledge gap in sub-saharan Africa
O presente relatório apresenta uma avaliação do actual estado da saúde e das tendências da saúde na Região Africana da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS), que é constituída por 47 dos 54 países do continente africano e é uma das seis regiões da OMS. The African Health Observatory and national health observatories as platforms for strengthening health information systems in sub-Saharan Africa.

African Health Monitor

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Issue #17 » July 2013


  • AFRO support for a policy dialogue to develop health financing systems and move towards universal health coverage in Africa

  • The impact of mutual health organizations in Rwanda

  • Gabon’s national insurance scheme

  • The abolishment of user fees in Uganda

  • The effect paying for essential healthcare has on deepening poverty – the experiences of Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Senegal

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