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Analytical summary - Health system outcomes

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In 1980, the Government of Zimbabwe adopted the Primary Health Care Approach as a strategy to deliver health services.

The primary health care aimed at ensuring the provision of quality and safe health services through a network of health facilities organized to function on the basis of increasing levels of sophistication[1] .

The Primary Health Care assessment of 2009 revealed that less than 50% of the sampled households were satisfied with the performance of the health system.

This was mainly due to the deteriorating economic environment of the last decade which resulted in unavailability of essential medicines and critical health care workers as reported in the 2007-2008 study on Access to Health Care Services.

The 2009 -2013 National Health Strategy for Zimbabwe aims to provide a framework for immediate resuscitation of the health sector (Health System Strengthening), and to put Zimbabwe back on track towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


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