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Risk factors for health

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This analytical profile on risk factors for health is structured as follows:


Analytical summary

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption and smocking are major health risk factors in Zambia. According to the ZDHS 2002, an estimated 76% of men and 23% of women consumed alcohol. Further, the Zambia Global School Health Survey (2004) conducted on 2,257 pupils in grades 7-10, revealed that 42.6% participated in alcohol consumption. With regard to smoking, the prevalence of smoking among adults in Zambia was estimated at 14%, for both sexes (22.7% for males and 5.7% for females).

Drug use

Risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases

Overweight and obesity

According to the STEPS Survey (2009), high cholesterol levels were recorded in 14.7% of males and 21.5% of females. Overweight and obesity were recorded at 19% and 7% in males, and 40% and 21.3% in females, respectively.

Risky sexual behaviour

Hygiene (students)

State of surveillance

Endnotes: Sources, methods, abbreviations, etc.