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Analytical summary - Social determinants

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Karimojong - Martyrs' Day

The analysis of risk factors shows that, although there has been a reduction in poverty levels, a large proportion of the population of Uganda is still trapped in chronic poverty, health infrastructure is in a poor state, there are still disparities in literacy levels and decision-making between females and males is worse in rural areas.

In addition, science, technology and initiative infrastructure is low.

With regard to epidemics and disasters, a comprehensive surveillance and reporting system has been put in place and has proved useful in managing epidemics.

A combination of these social determinants with demographic issues; high mortality and fertility impacts on the nation negatively and retards development hence it will require the Government of Uganda to make strategic planning if it is to achieve Millennium Development Goals.[1]


  1. Millennium Development Goals, Report for Uganda 2010 (pdf 2.95Mb). Special theme: accelerating progress towards improving maternal health. Kampala, Government of Uganda, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, 2010