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Specific Programmes and Services

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The specific programmes and services represent principally the major disease and services vertical programmes that are developed to some extent out of the regular system. These programmes and services include HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, immunization and vaccines development, child and adolescent health, maternal and newborn health, gender and women's health, epidemic and pandemic-prone diseases, neglected tropical diseases, and noncommunicable diseases and conditions.

This section describes the specific programmes and services in the WHO African Region and is structured as follows:

4.2 Tuberculosis
4.3 Malaria
4.4 Immunization and vaccines development
4.5 Child and adolescent health
4.6 Maternal and newborn health
4.7 Gender and women’s health (including sexual and reproductive health)
4.8 Epidemic and pandemic-prone diseases
4.9 Neglected tropical diseases
4.10 Noncommunicable diseases and conditions