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Social determinants

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This analytical profile on social determinants is structured as follows:


Analytical summary

The health outcomes of individuals, family and communities are influenced by the social and economic conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, and the systems put in place to deal with illness, disability and premature deaths. However, it is self-evident now that the drivers (cause-of-the-causes) of these health conditions exist outside the domain of the health sector and therefore require multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial approaches to tackle them.

The finds herself facing a huge burden of communicable diseases and non- communicable conditions as well as high maternal and child morbidity and mortality caused by social, economic, political, environmental and behavioural factors. The non-communicable health conditions namely diabetes, high blood pressure, road traffic injuries and cancer, among others, pose a major public health threat. There is no cure but require both lifestyle and structural interventions across the sectors.


Resources and infrastructure

Poverty and income inequality

Gender equity


Global partnerships and financial flows

Science and technology

Emergencies and disasters


Endnotes: sources, methods, abbreviations, etc