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Analytical summary - Partnerships for health development

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Public-Private Partnerships in the country are still at infancy stage. A number of partnerships are in areas of HIV/AIDS and TB. The main partnerships which have been in practice for a long time relates to sharing of medicines and medical supplies between States funded healthcare facilities and private healthcare providers.

In this partnership, the Government has been providing free, TB medicines, vaccines and Anti-Retroviral Drugs to private healthcare providers for free of charge. Other initiatives in healthcare infrastructure development has been slow and currently various projects are being explored to be implemented using this approach.

Other partnerships include the Ministry of Health and Non-governmental Organizations. This partnership is financed by solely by Government where contributions to their operational costs are made. It is estimated that approximately 25 per cent of the Ministry of Health budget is spent on Non-Governmental Organizations. There are approximately 20 Non-Governmental organizations who receive financing from Government.