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Analytical summary - Leadership and governance

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The Minister of Health is the political head of the health sector responsible for policy issues. The chief administrator is the Principal Secretary who is responsible for policy implementation, monitoring and supervision.

The Director of Health Services is the technical head of the ministry in charge of health services. He is assisted by two deputy directors, one in charge of Health Services (Clinical) and the other of Public Health Services. Other key senior technical officers at the ministry headquarters include the Legal Advisor, Chief Nursing Officer, Senior Health Administrator, Principal Personnel Officer, Principal Planning Officer and Financial Controller.

The Ministry has reviewed the organizational structure in line with new and emerging challenges. This reform agenda has seen the establishment of new departments such as procurement and logistics management unit. At the regional level, each Regional Health Office is headed by a Regional Health Administrator and supported by a Regional Health Management Team (RHMT) whose mandate is to provide technical leadership in executing MOH policies.

The RHMT is also responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and supervision of all health related activities within each region. At the community level, there is a network of community health workers including Rural Health Motivators (RHMs) who promote community participation in health activities in the areas. There are also community health committees who assist in the general management of health facilities.

Operations within the ministry are guided by the National Health Policy 2007 and the Health Sector Strategic Plan 2008-2013 and other national strategies such as the National Development Strategy (NDS), PRSAP, the Economic Recovery Strategy and Fiscal Adjustment Roadmap. For each programme there are also program-relevant policies and strategies such as the Health Sector Response to HIV and AIDS, which guide implementation monitoring and evaluation of relevant programme activities.