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Comprehensive Analytical Profile: Kenya

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This analytical profile provides a health situation analysis of the Kenya and, coupled with the Factsheet, it is the most significant output of the African Health Observatory. The profile is structured in such a way to be as comprehensive as possible. It is systematically arranged under eight major headings:
1. Introduction to country context
2. Health status and trends
3. Progress on the Health-Related MDGs
4. The Health System
5. Specific Programmes and Services
6. Key Determinants
Statistical profile
Introduction to Country Context
Health Status and Trends
Progress on SDGs
The Health System
Health system outcomes
Leadership and governance
Community ownership and participation
Partnerships for health development
Health information, research, evidence and knowledge
Health financing system
Service delivery
Health workforce
Medical products, vaccines, infrastructures and equipment
General country health policies
Universal coverage
Specific Programmes and Services

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World Malaria Profile 2011 Kenya

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World Malaria Profile 2011 Kenya

Immunization and vaccines development
Child and adolescent health
Maternal and newborn health
Gender and women's health
Epidemic and pandemic-prone diseases
Neglected tropical diseases
Non-communicable diseases and conditions
Key Determinants
Risk factors for health
The physical environment
Food safety and nutrition
Social determinants