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Analytical summary - Service delivery

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Descriptive summary
The health situation in Congo is characterized by high morbidity and mortality particularly high. In addition to this worrying picture, it also notes the poor performance and significant problems with the health system. The care delivery system consists of three types of operational structures. These are outpatient health facilities, health facilities and hospital specialized health facilities. Two sectors provide the supply of care: the public and the private sector.

Vaccination coverage against measles increased from 2000 to 79 34en in 2008 31% of planned CSI were streamlined in 1992: organization of the LDCs, cost recovery, use of essential drugs, relations with the community through participation bodies.

The infant mortality rate fell from 116 in 2000 to 127 in 2008 The mortality rate of children under one year from 74 in 2000 to 80 in 2008 Only 21% of CSI streamlined develop a minimum package of activities complete. Poor performance of the health care system in streamlined CSI Poor people's access to care and quality health services Poor quality and availability of services and care, Inability to respond effectively and timely emergency low performance of health The vaccination coverage of routine immunization is low. The immunization coverage against measles, polio and tetanus were respectively 66.5% (VAR), 73.2% (DPT3-P3) and 76.7% (TT2).

Ensuring access to care and health services of good quality Enhance the quality of care and services in the CSI, hospitals and private health facilities and health services of the FAC;