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Analytical summary - Food safety and nutrition

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Existence of a national plan of achieving the MDGs; adoption of the draft National Nutrition Policy; existence of the guidelines on the essential package of nutrition interventions (sentence); existence of a pool of national trainers in nutrition; Existence the PDSS; Existence of a national protocol for management of acute malnutrition; Existence of a national strategy for poverty reduction; Adoption of standards and standard growth; Adoption of a new organization of the department and creating a branch of the family health Organization of weeks each year health of the mother and the child adopted a strategy of micronutrient supplementation; Existence of a decree provided for import and marketing of salt , Studies on the fortification of wheat flour with iron; Production of multiple surveys, the most recent are The EDS-1 2005 and the 2008 survey on health and nutrition;


Weak health system as a whole inappropriate practices in infant feeding and young child Low purchasing power of households precarious conditions of individual and collective hygiene Weak coordination of the partnership Low resource mobilization managed health sector


Government's strong commitment to the health of children who plans to invest at least 20% of oil royalties in children;

Mobilization of partners and the international community about the problems of the Child.



Commodity prices;

Soaring prices on international markets