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Analytical summary - General country health policies

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The master policy for the health system is the National Health Policy that was first formulated in 1995 to guide the development of the health sector toward attainment of the highest level of health. In response to changes in the health status of the population, health care technologies and the organization of the health system, the National Health Policy was revised in 2011.

The revised policy puts emphasis on:

  • quality of care
  • optimum health services utilization
  • fair distribution of services across the population spectrum
  • protection of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations
  • social determinants of health
  • partnerships of the public sector, private sector, civil society and communities.

Plans are underway to establish a National Health Council to coordinate and oversee all health sector activities.

Besides the National Health Policy, Botswana has a number of health system policies focused on the major health programmes in the country. These include the:

Other guiding frameworks for Botswana's health system include Acts of Parliament and programme guidelines such as: