Data & Statistics

Welcome to the data and statistics platform, which allows for data visualization and download, as needed. It also provides country level statistical tables, describing the health situation and trends on health outcomes, health systems, specific programmes, key determinants and progress on the health-related Millennium Development Goals.
How to find health data easily:
1. Select an indicator category. The 'Select Indicator' menu is located on the top left of the page. To search for related health indicators under broad headings, click on the any of the expandable categories available on this menu. You can browse the 'Regional Core Health Indicators' by the five categories listed in the menu. Chose a category. Clicking on the category title will open a list of sub-categories. Clicking on a sub-category opens a list of heath indicators.
2. Select an indicator. Chose a health indicator. This will provide you with a description and metadata information on the selected indicator.
3. Choose an output format. At the top right on the description frame, under the title of the indicator, the tab items offer you options of visualizing a table or downloading / exporting data.


Many of these datasets represent the best estimates of WHO using methodologies for specific indicators that aim for comparability across countries and time; they are updated as more recent or revised data become available, or when there are changes to the methodology being used. Therefore, they are not always the same as official national estimates, although WHO whenever possible will provide Member States the opportunity review and comment on data and estimates as part of country consultations. Indicator specific information is also presented for all indicators in the datasets.